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Chile Peppers:

Habanero Powder (200,000+ hu) Caribbean and Yucatan 

Chile Tepin (100,000+hu) Mexico and Central America. Deep fiery heat used in making soups, salsa, sauces & pasta sauces. 

Cayenne Pepper (50,000+hu) India & North Africa This fiery pepper should be used with restraint. A small amount will add zest and flavor to your foods. Its color is from deep orange to dark red. 

Chile Powder, pure New Mexican Red Hot (80,000+hu) This spice is the basis for all Mexican foods. 

Chile De Arbol (30,000+hu) Jalisco, Nayarit Central Mexico Bright red with a smokey flavor and searing heat. Used in stews, soups and sauces. 

Serrano Pepper (15,000+ hu) Southwest United States, Puebla and Hidalgo Mexico. This pepper is dark green to red when ripe. Used in salsas and sauces. 

Jalapeno Powder (5,000+hu) Vera Cruz, Oaxaca Mexico This spice can be used to add heat to soup, stews & sauces. 

Crushed Red Chile (5,000+hu) Mexico and India Larger, medium chile of moderate heat, used on pizza, pastas and in tomato sauce. 

Additional Chiles our firm has in stock! Dried, Powder, Flakes and Crushed.

Aji Mirasol
Aji Panca
Amarillo Mulato
Negro Pasilla
Chipotle Brown
Chipotle Morita
Costeno Rojo
Dried Green/Pasado
New Mexico/mild
Onza Rojo
Pasilla de Oaxaca
Aji Amarillo
De Arbol
New Mexico/hot
Pico de Pajaro

* Scoville heat units - (hu)
Developed in 1912 by Wilbur L. Scoville, a pharmacist at Parke Davis & Co. This is the industry standard for measuring the hottness of a capsicum (pepper).

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